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released June 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Hangover Paradise The Netherlands

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Track Name: I rest my case
I Rest My Case

The tears you cried the lies you lied in my face
The things you said you never had such disgrace
You took it all and had to fall there is no place
Where you can hide your foolish pride
I rest my case
I rest my case

Your friends are gone you're really done there are no ways
To turn it back and pay the check you lost this race
Not even weird you dissapeared without a trace
You're so vain and still insane
I rest my case
I rest my case

Your promises and willingness an empty phrase
Your attitude was proud and such a cold embrace
You'll always be a refugee till the end of our days
I'm off the hook I closed the book
I rest my case
I rest my case
Track Name: Out in the street
Out In The Street

Out in the street where they meet every night
Hanging around till reasons are found for a fight
Then a voice shouted out loud they should be dancing
Soon heard all over the crowd they should be dancing
Dancing instead
They ruin our lives with their thoughts and their knives and their wars
They terrorize neighbourhoods dealing stolen goods
soon there's no way back anymore
I know it and you know it yes we know it but they don’t

A man bows his head cause bankers just said y’r on your own
Our profits too low so there's no go for a loan
Then a voice shouted out loud they should be dancing
Soon heard all over the crowd they should be dancing
Dancing instead
They always want more so they take from the poor never stop
Their humble advises again cause the crises
Only the man in the street looses his job
I know it and you know it yes we know it but they don’t

The lights just went out a cry and a shout breaking glass
Again she is hurt broozes absurd my god what a mess
Instead of their current affairs they should be dancing
One of the children upstairs cries: They should be dancing
Dancing instead
They drink overnight so they argue and fight every day
Get back on your feet give the kids what they need
Or soon they will take them away
I know it and you know it yes we know it but they don’t
Track Name: Back home
Back Home To You

All my friends say that I’m a fool for leaving you
And I don’t know what to do
All my friends say that it aint cool cause Im hurting you
Like I did like I do

Without your love I’d still be waitin’
But I didn’t wanna fall in love with someone else
When I’m alone it’s your appearance that I’m missing
I don’t want to be alone
(Be alone)

Now it feels like this ship out on the ocean
We’re two lonely souls lost at sea
The shining water in the sun triggers my emotion
And still there ain’t no shore

Maybe tonight I will call
Maybe tonight there will be something or anyone at all
But maybe tonight I will fly right home to you

(maybe ... maybe ... maybe ... maybe ... maybe)
Track Name: Take away
Take Away

You're standing on the edge of reason
Insecure about the things you feel
‘Cause everywhere's potential danger
It threatens you but it is so unreal

All you got to do is
Take away take away the fear
All you got to do is
Take away take away the Fear

Looking back over your shoulder
Convinced you're stalked by a creep
Everytime you fall into an abyss
In fact you only fall asleep

Just consider the fact that it’s only in your mind
That it grabs you by the neck
and surely makes you blind
Try to relax don’t hesitate without a doubt
So focus on your breathing in and out and in and out and in and OUT!!

When every crossroad means disaster
All hope will vanish in thin air
And little things keep crawling up your body
The bats keep flying in your hair
Track Name: Army of the Innocent
Army Of The Innocent

The gun is pointed at his sister
She's laughing cause the thing is just a toy
He makes the sound of flying bullets
He's twelve years old and just a boy
But he is waiting for the moment
That he will be joining them
There's a twinkle in his eyes
He is prepared he is twelve years old but he's a man

His mother's looking from a distance
She did all she ever could have done
One day a truck will be driving through her village
And it will take away her son
And he is waiting for that moment
She knows he will be joining them
The army of the innocent still growing
All about his age ... children but determined as a man!

The gun is carried by his sister
Not laughing now but staring at a grave
She listens as they speak their words of sorrow
Her brother was too young but yet so brave
And now he has his final moment
She puts his toygun in the ground
Her mother is desperate and crying she's criying
The body of her son was never found

The warscene is chaos and covered in blood
The fight only just begun
Our 12 years old soldier wetting his pants
While aiming and killing a man
He moves like a ghost no longer aware
Is he dreaming or is he awake
His pupils wide open he's slobbering
pieces of pills they have forced him to take

Crawling through the fields of death
All enemies stronger than him
The boy starts to shiver he 's shouting and firing
There’s no way he can win
The sergeant who had to take care of him died
now he’s out there on his own
He cries for his mother he cries for his sister
He cries cause he wants to go home
It's too late (it’s to late ..... )
Just too late!
Track Name: Religious minds
Religious Minds

Everywhere you look around the world
You see the fights of the religious minds
They lead their troops they’re so blinded by ambition
Crimes of men obsessed far from blessed
In name of faith another holy quest

Take a closer look into a church
You see the wealth of the religious minds
They keep the treasures to themselves while their religion
Claims to cure starvation temptation
But they don't give a shit about salvation

So take another look at all the gods
Who wrote their laws for the religious minds
They made them shepherds of their flocks
Unable to clarify their faith was passion no fashion
Where wealth and power overrule compassion
So it sucks ....

Religious minds

Oh Lord who brought us up out of the house of slavery..
You God whose name will be hollowed
Whose will be done on earth as it is in heaven
They shall not bear false witness against their neighbours
They shall not steal
They shall not kill but
What's the use of prayers like this
Because …. we (they) always will!
Track Name: Coming home
Coming Home

The past few months I spend time
doing things I thought I had to do ... no worries
And every move I made I was afraid
and all I did was blame you ... I’m sorry

I had my reasons they were sad
but looking back they were all I had
Yes they were mine and didn’t seem
to be so stupid at the time

Too many dreams never came true
They’re like the people that I knew ... distraction
And all these worlds I did explore
Obscuring pain and even more ... affection

I’m not completely rearranged
but honestly I know I’m changed
Despite the problems yet to face
this is our child I wanna raise if you’ll have me

I come home ... I come home
I want to stay forever if you let me
I come home ... I come home
and it’s now or never if you want me
Track Name: Hangover Paradise
Hangover Paradise

It's just an old cabin it’s made out of wood
Where the kids come together being tough feeling good
The drinks are plenty and free
They even bring their own booze
Never drunk it before no one cares
They've got nothing to lose

It's their hangover paradise paradise
Hopes are high their sorrow dies
Paradise paradise
Yesterday's gone no memory cries

Where friends are made for life because the drinking binds
Some will lose their virginity even more will lose their mind
Their parents let them be or they just don't have a clue
Come on they’re almost 16
They know what they do

Their unwilling bodies their struggle at school
They all have a reason to become a drinking fool
Tomorrow will be better and that's what they think
But tonight is still their night yeah tonight's the night
they will drink drink drink drink drink drink drink


Some are dying they pay the price
But there's no crying
Hangover paradise
Hangover paradise....